Tree Services

A.M Tree Surgeons are fully equipped and carry the necessary experience to manage all aspects of tree surgery professionally, efficiently, and most importantly in a safe manner. Our continued investment into machinery means all work can be carried out in house by our experts, with reliable and well maintained equipment. All staff are fully competent and qualified to carry out the tasks they are assigned. 

Tree Surgery

Our core tree surgery services include but are not limited to:

Tree Removal

The removal of large trees is where A.M Tree Surgeons really excel. With over 20 years of experience contracting along with our highly specialised truck, crane, and grapple saw, we can operate as efficiently as is possible.  With the prevalence of Ash dieback throughout the UK it has never been more important to look at alternative options for the safe removal of hazardous trees. Our one-of-a-kind machine is the answer to this problem, quickly and safely dismantling trees with the tree surgeons’ feet firmly on the ground, regardless of their state of deterioration. The ability to remove trees at up to 10 times the speed that it would take manually is also particularly important when removing hazardous roadside trees. Time saved as well as money saved in traffic management fees adds up to a cost-effective method of tree removal in the shortest possible timeframe.

Removing a tree with a crane.
Tree pruning with a cherry picker.
Felling a large redwood tree.
Felling a Beech tree.

Stump Removal

A.M Tree Surgeons offer the complete removal of all sized tree stumps using our mechanised stump grinder. Following the removal of your tree, stumps can be completely removed to below ground level to assist in the repurposing of the land, whether it be replanting, or construction works.

Landlocked trees? With the help of our crane we can often access trees stumps that other companies can’t. 

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