crane with grapple and chainsaw for removing tree limbs.

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A.M Tree Surgeons carried out the reduction(re-pollard) of a very awkward Plane tree in the center of Reading, Berkshire. The work was being carried out on behalf of Reading borough council, and our truck mounted crane and grapple chainsaw were contracted in due to the nature of the job.

The tree had previously been pollarded an estimated 45 years previous. This is considerably longer than a tree would normally be left between pollarding cycles, however due to the logistics of carrying out further maintenance work, it had remained untouched.

Suitable traffic management was provided to ensure the tree could be removed whilst maintaining the flow of traffic. These are exactly the situations where the truck and crane come into their own, quickly and efficiently removing trees that would otherwise take several days in some cases, and incur additional expenses such as the requirement for extra manpower, and additional traffic management fees.

After the regrowth was removed, the remaining canopy scaffold was finished off with the correct pruning cuts in order to comply with current tree works standards. The job was completed in 1 day, with approximately 10ton of canopy removed with no damage to the area under the tree.

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