Windblown Beech tree removal with mechanical tree removal lorry.

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Another call-out from the recent storm. The tree in question was a Mature Beech tree. It was still standing but unfortunately had been hit by a rotten Sycamore tree that had failed in the winds, subsequently landing against the Beech tree and forcing it over at a 45-degree angle and directly over the client’s house.

This was a potentially dangerous situation with the winds still blowing, and we therefore advised the homeowner to vacate the building as a precaution. The ability to remove dangerous trees safely was taken into account during the design and development stage of our custom mechanical tree removal lorry and every eventuality was taken into consideration, not least the ability to work in the dark thanks to the high-powered floodlights mounted to the unit. In addition to this, the remote viewing camera used on the actual chainsaw grapple attachment is specially designed to allow for night viewing.

The main thing we had in our favor was a great drop zone in which to position the arb lorry and lower all the branches and stems safely into. This is a job which would undoubtedly have caused us a lot of headaches without the specialist tool we have to hand. A crane would have needed to be brought to the site, along with a cherry picker small enough to access the tree yet with enough reach on it be able to position itself far enough away in case of the tree failing. The logistics on such an operation would have been impossible to implement at such short notice, and once again A M Tree Surgeons custom mechanical tree removal lorry proved its worth!

emergency beech tree removal after storm with mechanical tree removal lorry.

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