Large Mechanised Oak Tree Removal

mechanical tree removal

A M Tree Surgeons are used by a number of tree contractors who are looking for the most efficient means of removing large trees. This particular job was reasonably straightforward, but for a rather valuable listed wall on the property. The tree could have been rigged by a competent climber but due to it blocking […]

Removal of Dangerous Oak Tree

Dead Oak tree safely removed with mechanical tree removal lorry.

This 200-year-old Oak tree was needless to say past its best, in fact, it was stone dead. The job was thankfully scheduled in for Gristwood & Toms just before the recent storms, I say thankfully as it is highly unlikely it would have gone unscathed. The tree was in close proximity to the house and […]

Emergency Removal of Leaning Beech Tree

Windblown Beech tree removal with mechanical tree removal lorry.

Another call-out from the recent storm. The tree in question was a Mature Beech tree. It was still standing but unfortunately had been hit by a rotten Sycamore tree that had failed in the winds, subsequently landing against the Beech tree and forcing it over at a 45-degree angle and directly over the client’s house. […]

Windblown Conifer Removal from House

storm damaged tree on building

A picture speaks a thousand words. This conifer came over in the recent gales and rested itself across the roof of the owner’s house. What would have been quite a dangerous task was made safe thanks to the crane and grapple chainsaw lorry. With all operatives at a safe distance from the carnage, we were […]

Removal of 3 Oak Trees

using a grapple saw and crane to lift a large trunk over a fence.

A.M Tree Surgeons were contracted in to remove 3 Oak trees from the clients rear garden. This job was ideally suited to our truck and crane, with a large car parking area directly behind the clients property. Thanks to the 31m reach on the machine we were able to reach every limb easily with the […]

Felling A Mature Cedar of Lebanon

large cedar tree that has been felled.

This Cedar tree was not overly old tree despite its impressive stem girth and size. The tree was part of a development site which has been purchased and approved for 18 apartments by the local authority. The tree was very rotten as it turns out. despite now showing any obvious signs externally. The top had […]

Re-pollarding London Plane

crane with grapple and chainsaw for removing tree limbs.

A.M Tree Surgeons carried out the reduction(re-pollard) of a very awkward Plane tree in the center of Reading, Berkshire. The work was being carried out on behalf of Reading borough council, and our truck mounted crane and grapple chainsaw were contracted in due to the nature of the job. The tree had previously been pollarded […]