Large Mechanised Oak Tree Removal

mechanical tree removal

A M Tree Surgeons are used by a number of tree contractors who are looking for the most efficient means of removing large trees. This particular job was reasonably straightforward, but for a rather valuable listed wall on the property. The tree could have been rigged by a competent climber but due to it blocking […]

Removal of Dangerous Oak Tree

Dead Oak tree safely removed with mechanical tree removal lorry.

This 200-year-old Oak tree was needless to say past its best, in fact, it was stone dead. The job was thankfully scheduled in for Gristwood & Toms just before the recent storms, I say thankfully as it is highly unlikely it would have gone unscathed. The tree was in close proximity to the house and […]

Emergency Removal of Leaning Beech Tree

Windblown Beech tree removal with mechanical tree removal lorry.

Another call-out from the recent storm. The tree in question was a Mature Beech tree. It was still standing but unfortunately had been hit by a rotten Sycamore tree that had failed in the winds, subsequently landing against the Beech tree and forcing it over at a 45-degree angle and directly over the client’s house. […]

Windblown Conifer Removal from House

storm damaged tree on building

A picture speaks a thousand words. This conifer came over in the recent gales and rested itself across the roof of the owner’s house. What would have been quite a dangerous task was made safe thanks to the crane and grapple chainsaw lorry. With all operatives at a safe distance from the carnage, we were […]