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About A.M Tree Surgeons

We are based near Windsor, Berkshire in the Home Counties but with a ‘go anywhere’ attitude, we are prepared to cover the UK as required. A.M Tree Surgeons is owned and run 24/7 by Alistair Magee, an experienced arborist with over 22 years of experience in tree work.

Our aim is to provide affordable tree work services to all customers who require their trees to be maintained or removed, without compromising safety, and to protect our client’s property.

We primarily serve the commercial sector and specialise in trade contracting where we are providing expert help to other tree surgery companies. Additionally we cater to other organisations including civil engineering, highways, rail, construction, and landowners. We also carry out tree work locally to domestic customers in the Berkshire area.

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How We Work

In a word, effortlessly! The efficiency afforded us by our custom-built crane truck means the hard work traditionally associated with climbing and cutting trees has been entirely removed, along with the inherent dangers of working aloft from rope and harness with heavy power tools.

The speed with which fully mature trees can be removed in this manner is incomparable to even the fastest climber, or even MEWP. This is never more important than when our work is roadside, with the machinery drastically reducing our time on site and any subsequent inconvenience to road users and clients. View our blog for more info, or click the button below to see our crane in action!

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Our mechanical truck, crane, and grapple with chainsaw attachment have been entirely custom-built from the ground up based on our exact specifications.

Designed from an experienced arborist’s viewpoint, we had a unique insight into what the machine needed to achieve, which is somewhat out of the boundaries of a traditional crane builder.

The end of the crane is equipped with a camera to facilitate the safe use of the grapple chainsaw from the ground, effectively giving the operator a birds-eye view of the entire operation.

Its vertical reach of 35m along with a side reach of 31m, make it capable of removing just about any sized tree the UK has to offer providing access is adequate.

The overall footprint of the truck is 9.5m long, 2.4m wide, and 4.2m tall. When fully deployed, its outriggers are 8m wide including the width of the truck. The truck can be short rigged to achieve its maximum capacity on one side when for example working on a single lane of a road.

It can lift and hold weights of up to 850kg including the weight of the saw head. Larger stems beyond the capacity of the saw can still be lifted with the crane whilst being manually cut by an arborist.